• Men and Women style shoes

    Infinitely Posh Magazine

    Most men’s style experts will agree that shoes are the foundation to any look and will make or break the look if not selected thoughtfully, this why buying your wedding shoes should be such an exciting part of your wedding planning.

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  • EA Sports NHL custom velvet slippers


    We were thrilled to collaborate with EA Sports NHL to design custom velvet slippers for some of the NHL's best players.

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  • custom-made luxury shoes for partner

    Elixuer Magazine

    For Valentine's day, order your partner a pair of custom-made luxury shoes, byCrossover Footwear. Tap into your creativity by designing quality personalized shoes, boots, or loafers with the brand’s online 3-D designer.

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Custom black luxury boots

Why customize a shoe?

Have you ever gone shoe shopping and come home empty handed or spent money on a shoe you didn't love? We all have. Maybe you found a shoe you liked but they didn't have your size. You'll never have that problem with our services.

This program is particularly useful to make the perfect fitting shoe. If you have a difficult time finding shoes that fit (big feet, wide feet, small feet, etc) you will be happy with our options. We can accommodate all feet sizes.

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steps taken shoes making every product

The Process

Learn the steps taken while making every product from the Crossover Footwear list. Each step of the process is designed to keep costs and waists to a minimum while maintaining world class craftmanship. We show you each step from concept to finished product.

Learn how your shoes are made