• Design & Construction

    Step 1: Design & Construction

  • Material Selection

    Step 2: Material Selection

  • Colouring & Finishing

    Step 3: colouring & Finishing

  • Express Delivery

    Step 4: Delivery 2-4 weeks

designing the exact shoe you want to wear

Wear the perfect shoe for you

Have fun in designing the exact shoe you want to wear. With this tool, we give you the option to create the exact shoe you want. We want our customers to have their own unique feel that best suits them and heir feet. For any questions regarding the materials and finishing details or for any advice from our team please email contact@crossoverfootwear.com 

To begin, click "create your shoe".

Create your shoe

"Comfortable shoes that fit perfectly and customized to be uniquely mine. Nobody else is going to have a shoe that looks like mine."

- Geoff Britnell

" Incredible value for a bespoke look. Comfortable from day one and a look that sets you apart from the crowd."

- Jason Mackay

what our clients say

  • These shoes are amazing. The quality is top notch. Everyone that sees them really likes them. They are unique and if someone knows about shoe construction they will point out the quality of the sole, combination of materials, etc. Thank you for all of the help before my wedding last year.

    - Auston M

  • What's the main reason you recommend this product or service? Price, service and quality. Bruce started as my clothing stylist and I knew I could trust him.

    - Nushy Habib

  • Everytime I wear my shoes from the Inception line somebody asks me "where'd you get those beauties". I get excited to wear the shoes every time.

    - Greg Malette

  • They are amazing!!! They look great and are very comfortable. To top it off they are very affordable also. | will be buying many more as the customization is fun and allows you to be as creative as you want. No more wishing, it's now doing what you want!

    - Auston M

Gallery of Custom Designs