2021 summer loafer colours

Summer trends are here and we are seeing it from clothing to cars and shoes. As a brand that tries to inject the fashion world with new ideas we are happy with that we've seen this summer from our clients. Our suede loafers will show you the 3 top colours of 2021. The top colours include blue, red and cream.

Blue suede loafer comfort

Coincidentally, these are some of the hardest colours to find in premium footwear brands. You'll find the typical black, brown and light brown or the odd navy but you won't find blue, red and cream suede options as easily. At Crossover Footwear we give you two choices if you're looking to add these colours. You can select our curated flex loafers and goodyear welt suede cream loafers or you can design a custom pair just for yourself. 
Red suede loafer comfort
We recently ran a contest through our social media channels to see what colours would appear the most and these were exactly the results we received. There was a lot of requests from black shoes and boots just to have as wardrobe staple pieces but when it came to shoes and loafers these were the most common colour requests. 
cream suede comfort loafers
The other colour we saw many requests for what the grey suede loafer. In North America we don't see as many summer colours for pants such as white, tan and olive which are the best pairings for the light grey loafer and that might be why but if your style is more European then the grey loafer is a must! 

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