Why Wear Crossover?

Crossover Footwear

How the opportunity was discovered...

I spent years trying to find a quality, men's shoe that was unique and did not break the bank. I couldn't find anything in Canada I liked. So I created one. For years, as a mens wardrobe stylist, I spent time researching the Canadian shoe market for clients and could rarely find anything that fit their needs. I used to say pick 2 of 3, either stylish, durable or fairly priced. Now, with the advancement of online shopping and personal experience there was an opportunity to bring all 3 options in one brand. Welcome Crossover Footwear.

Less waste, exactly what you need....

The focus of CF is to eliminate waste any way we can. We see so many overstock issues which leads to shoes being thrown away. We are introducing a way to help play our part with our made to order manufacturing. Along with our "wardrobe essentials", if you see a custom order you like, we can remake it for you exactly in your size. Once we have your size figured out you'll be able to order any shoe you want with the perfect fit every time. 

NEW PRODUCT DROP - Pre-order promotions

Every day we are inspired by new designs and customer ideas. This leads us to designing new products all the time. Every once in a while (seasonally) we will design a product for our audience that we think you will love and offer a pre-drop promotion price. Usually this ranges from 15%-30% off regular price for a limited time. Once we do this initial bulk order, the price goes back to regular pricing. 


The menswear experience gives us an advantage....

Most mens wardrobes look similar. Grey, black and blue jeans and suits. Unfortunately you've been convinced that black and brown shoes are the only options for these items. After years of working in the mens luxury clothing industry, the team here at Crossover wanted to expand your wardrobe and introduce exceptional colours and material blends to advance your footwear options.

More options than just brown or black...

One goal is to begin breaking the habit of "brown or black". These colours and designs are chosen specifically to dress up or down and work with what you already own so you don't have to go buy a new wardrobe to match. We started with our inception line then proceeded to make the defender boot and a suede and leather loafer to have you feeling confident and stylish all year round.