Wake Up Call From Big Mike


A few weeks ago I was writing the blog about major new beginning and what that means for everyone individually. In the middle of writing my phone began to ring and the name on the screen was BIG MIKE. I had to answer. Big Mike (a.k.a Mike living in Toronto but from California who used to be a professional football player) was giving me a call because he saw one of the ads for my boots and wanted to treat himself for his birthday in November. 
Mike started describing exactly what I was writing about. He said he's got a birthday in a few weeks and it's been so long since he has gotten to dress up that he wanted to put on his nice clothes again for a day and take a picture or facetime some friends that day and look good. He was excited which made me excited which in turn I'm sure will make all his friends excited to hear from him.
We discussed his current jackets and shoes he owned and agreed which boot would be best for him to add to the rotation and now he has a brand new pair to break out for his birthday and this winter. Obviously the boot will be of use for the next decade or two depending how often he wears them but in the point is we still have time to treat ourselves and dress up. Stay tuned for Big Mike's birthday picture.
As always, stay stylish.


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