The Covid Answer | Unlined Suede Loafer

Because of this global pandemic, your routine is different. Your schedule is different. Your spending habits are different. Guess what else is different? Your wardrobe needs.

Between the work I do in the menswear industry (Sales and marketing Manager at Garrison Bespoke), speaking to clients and the daily research on the shoe industry, I have slowly been able to figure out how guys are changing their wardrobe. Thanks to your help, we've created the new summer must have. 

The last few years the menswear industry has gotten slightly less formal and more focused on comfort. We saw this with men pairing sneakers and suits, then stretch performance clothing (suits, shirts, pants, etc). We took the time to learn what you wanted to wear and found a solution for you. We've been thrilled with the results so far. We present the unlined luxe suede loafer with the thin rubber sport flex sole. You will feel like you are wearing a running shoe but have the summer style for any setting and outfit. 

Just like you, I look for the most practical modern solutions for the footwear industry. That's why I got into the industry and why you are reading this blog (unless you are shopping for someone else haha). Last week there was a day where I went from wearing a suit at work, jumping in a train and travelling a couple of hours then finishing the day with a couple of drinks (while social distancing) with friends in a park. I had to change clothes multiple times, but never shoes. The blue cobalt shoes worked with my tan suit then switched to my grey shorts and white long sleeve casual shirt and both times I got compliments about the shoes and outfit combination.

So, if you want to get a final pair of summer shoes that will last all summer and next, try the unlined luxe suede loafer with sport flex rubber sole. Available in 8 colours, but we suggest burgundy, cobalt blue or khaki.

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Bruce S.


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Sahil Dhawan

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