Spin, play and rotate the shoe on your screen

What's the first thing you do when you grab a shoe off a shelf in the store? Do you put it on right away? No. Do you spin it around and check it out from every angle? Yes. That's the experience we want to bring to you when shopping our online store. We want to show you why we are the best quality men's dress shoes.
We've recently installed a 360 degree rotation tool for some of our products so you can see the shoe from every angle. With each new Crossover Footwear design we will provide a full view of the shoe. 
Click the link below to try spinning the grey suede loafer.
Some of the details which will be highlighted in the app include the following:

Chiseled toe
Stacked heel
Flex comfort sole
Goodyear Welt Construction
EE and EEE width (wide shoes)
Rubber grip toe
Patina hand dye finish
Custom Initial heel embroidery
    Click the link below to try spinning our blue unlined suede loafer.
    Our goal at Crossover is to provide familiarity in your digital shopping experience through our online store to best serve you. We will continue to bring innovative and exciting ways to improve your shopping experience with us. We want to provide complete transparency and confidence so you know exactly what you're investing in. As a men's shoe brand in Canada who provide both ready to wear and custom men's shoes we focus on separating ourselves from other men's shoe brands. 


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