Make every step you take outside a statement!

Hello Readers!
My name is Anik, I’m part of the marketing team at Crossover Footwear. I’ll be taking over the blog today. We must approach this new era as such. We get to change the way we present ourselves to the world. We no longer live by "office / work dress code". 
Remember last week’s blog? The conclusion was ‘be here now, don’t wait for covid to end in order to continue with your life.’ This is a new world we live in. Nowadays, when you get dressed to go outside, it is a statement. It is a snippet of your day where you can put time to be well dressed and have good energy.  Make every step you take outside a statement!  Winter gloomy days are ahead of us, yet dressing up makes gloomy days disappear. Dressing well is a motivation for the soul. Wear your favourite clothing with your fanciest shoes. Connect your gentleman approach with a dashing new style. Bedazzle your mask if you’d like!
Notice what style you normally go for and ask yourself some questions of self reflection. Are you open to a change? Do you want to wear more colors but feel it’s not in your comfort zone? Feel down because of quarantine?
Add little slice of flair to your everyday look and see how your mood changes. You know when you feel so great your walk changes. Maybe you begin walking with more confidence all of a sudden!

This is your reminder that there is always a new beginning, but it isn’t there until you initiate it.

Want some new style tips and tricks that are in?

1. Sleek yet eye-catching colors
2. Controlled-messy hair
3. Long oversized coats
4. Folding your long socks over the top of your boots
5. Going for a neutral and simple outfit? Make everything you're wearing one color while your shoes are another.
6. Pair Crossover Footwear’s hand painted belt with some leather gloves and a Trench coat.
7.Get creative!



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