Major New Beginning

This past year the world has been shook in so many ways. To this day we still battle a global health pandemic and fight for equality and human rights. Everyone has been impacted differently however we are all trying to make the most of it. There are however some positives such as replacing your time commuting to work with exercise or simply having more time for your family. Hopefully you are finding ways to better yourself and find joy in what is the new normal.
"Major New Beginning" means accepting that this is the new normal and not to let yourself go waiting for things to return to normal. In fact, I'm suggesting the opposite. There's no more "waiting to go back to normal" because nobody can tell you when that will be. This is a time to re-evaluate how you will present yourself in your new lifestyle. It's obvious you aren't going out as often and seeing people as frequently, however there are still times to dress up. 

Now, it's obvious you are reading a blog from a luxury footwear brand so it seems we are saying to create joy by encouraging you to buy material items but that's not the case. The purpose of this blog is to encourage self growth and love. We want to help maintain or step up your personal brand. 
You need to think of the times you will dress up. Do you and your significant other plan the odd date night? Are you fortunate enough to go see your family over holidays? Do you still go into work or visit clients sporadically? These are just a few opportunities to get out of your sweats.
I've divided 3 different personas to show how to dress and wear our boots this fall and winter. This is the first step to more easily help you style yourself. From left to right it goes from business casual to "avant - garde" to street casual. We will follow up with emails, posts and blogs to further describe each style for you. 
If you are trying to figure out what style works best for you, please send an email and ask any questions. 


Stay safe and stylish, 


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