How to Wear Your Boots

Choose the right style of boots to suit your desired look. You likely fit the persona as one of the following; Casual, Smart or Rugged. What how we recommend wearing our Defender boots for each. For a casual look, pair relaxed boots, such as work boots, with jeans and a t-shirt or sweater.

To create a smart outfit, select sophisticated boots, such as Lace Up boots, and partner them with a solid jean or trousers, a button-up shirt and a blazer or overcoat.

Achieve a tough and rugged appearance with boots by choosing a Jodhpur or Military boots and partnering them with jeans and a leather jacket.

Ensure you keep your boots clean to avoid appearing unkempt or messy. All it takes is a simple wipe down or using a clear polish every once in a while to maintain the luxury dying job.


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