Contest winner !

Hello Fellow Crossover Footwear Family!

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook (you should if you aren’t already!), you would see that we shared a giveaway which ended on November 29th. The prize was our best seller; The Defender Lace Up Boot.

Red Lace up Patina Boot

This was the first (but not last) contest for Crossover Footwear and we are thrilled with the results. We received over 3,300 comments and hundreds of new followers (which is encouraging in these early days). The feedback, comments, engagements, and overall positive results we received reassures our vision to help introduce high quality affordable footwear delivered directly to you.

We focus on creating a stylish, smart casual look different than the rest of the industry. 
There is nothing else we strive for than to share our passion and vision here at Crossover Footwear.

The $500 Defender Boot giveaway winner was: @christepherwee


If you didn’t get a chance to win this time, turn that frown upside down and stay tuned for more, as we have little surprises for every new season!

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