2020 in review - E-commerce lessons and next steps

Happy New Year Crossover Footwear Family!
We are so grateful to be supported and of service to you during the turbulent 2020 year.As we turn a new leaf and head into the New Year, we’d love to share a few things that our business has learned with the pandemic.

The fashion industry had a challenging year, as most people stayed home and stuck to their PJ’s and warm fuzzy socks. People were going out only for necessities. How can an industry survive with this? 

In our case, we wanted our community to feel connected to our mission, as we have a small team and want only the best for our customers. We wanted to inspire you to get dressed and excited to go grocery shopping, or at least feel your best on your walks around the neighborhood.

We knew that everything needed to be maximized online. New waters, new territory. That’s when I stepped in…
Hi, my name is Anik, and I’ve been the face behind CF’s digital marketing team. We wanted to approach 2020 with consistency, a new perspective, and keeping the business alive. Now that we reach the end of the year, there is nothing better we could do but to give advice and support other business’ that could benefit from our experience.
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I am so lucky to intern with a boss that makes up the CF brand personality. He shared his thoughts, tips, and tricks through IG lives (which have been saved - check us out at @crossover.footwear). We wanted and were able to connect with our viewers and offer giveaways, partnerships, and collaborations. 
We dabbled in digital marketing between Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, and Instagram. More platforms means more chance to communicate with all of you!
The positives that came out of this experience was being able to focus on customizing (wedding) shoes, sharing our ‘major new beginning’ campaign, and creating relationships with lifetime customers.
A few struggles we had included...
-Shipping lags
-Less travel to be able to visit factories
-Debating between which platform was best
-Product development and supply chain

We introduced new styles such as the Midtown boot, worked on a secret new feature that will most likely be released in the next year, as well as made our mark in the Canadian shoe industry. 
Our best seller shoe was the defender lace up.  This staple boot has now become the most known to our Crossover Footwear viewers. 

What we would like for you to takeaway from us is that when life slows down, it is actually an invitation to explore many other opportunities. The reality is a product based company which deals with manufacturing in Europe would have likely folded 20+ years ago without travel and difficulties communicating but with the modern communication tools it's still possible to operate and deliver.

So, to make life exciting, get out of the box! Change your style to feel luxurious if it is what you’ve always dreamed of. Get inspired by your favorite brands! Make life work for you, don’t wait for it to catch up.
As we turn to this new chapter, feel free to reach out to us for business, and wardrobe advice. We are here for you!
Thank you for your support.

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